Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Interesting Experiment

This morning on Goodreads, I received an friend request from a Goodreads Author.  My first impulse was to reject him since he had 25 books and over 800 friends.  Then I took a closer look and noticed a few interesting things.
  • He's written three books
  • All of his books are self-published through Author House
  • All of the ratings for his books are five stars except for a to-read.
Bits of an experiment came together in my head.
  1. Befriend this author
  2. Finesse a free copy of one of his books out of him
  3. Proceed to give it an honest review rather than one of the obviously planted ones.
We'll see what happens.  I hate when Goodreads Authors seed their reviews with obvious ringers.

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