Monday, September 6, 2010


Rather than get started on the yard work I have penciled in for today, I decided to write a blog entry.

The last few days have blown by in a blur of beautiful weather.  Saturday I took Belle over for her weekly exercise.  I was able to take some pictures even though it was pretty windy.  My parents have an armadillo tearing up their yard again.  I think my dad is planning on sitting out one night and relocating the armadillo... with a .22.  Later that day, I met up with Carrie and we spent the evening with her family, strolling around Farmington and eating a lot of BBQ.

Yesterday, we went to the Greek Festival.  It was super-crowded but the food was good.  Luckily, I weaseled my way out of driving, since I wasn't too keen on going anyway.  I don't need 3000 other people around to remind me I like Greek food.  Afterwords, we hit Spanky's for frozen custard.  I got the To Die For.  It was.

I got the 12 x 18 frame I ordered the other day.  Apparently Snapfish's 12 x 18 prints are actually 12 x 18 1/4.  After some minor surgery, I put it in the frame and hanged it in the living room.  And then moved it into the kitchen.  I have too much wall in the living room for a 12 x 18.  I nabbed a couple 16 x 20's yesterday at K-Mart.  Now I have to scour my collection and pick out two that I want to hang.

Damn, that didn't kill as much time as I thought it would.  I guess I'll bust out the iPod and start picking up sticks.

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