Wednesday, September 22, 2010

41 Days Left

I've got a serious case of the writing itch right now and I've got almost six weeks before I can scratch it properly.  Maybe I should pick The Isle of No Return back up and finish it as a temporary balm for my writing itch.

Wandering the Web of Worlds is becoming clearer and clearer in my mind.  I've figured out the beginning and the ending.  The middle is still pretty fuzzy but my list of things to include keeps getting bigger.  I still need to work on the characters other than Fenlock a bit more but I'm feeling a lot more confident than I did last week.  Since fantasy space opera hasn't been done very often before, I feel like a bit of a trailblazer.  Should I use aliens that look like humanoid rhinos or horses?  How many insectile alien species is too many?  How would a city on the back of a giant spider survive?  So many choices...

There's a technicolor rainbow of mushrooms on my lawn.  I meant to take a picture of some of them yesterday but I ran out of time.  There was a bright red one, a strange bright yellow one, one that was the color of a bruise, and many in different shades of off white.  I'm almost as interested in fungus as I am in insects and rocks.

My reading mojo is back but still not in full swing.  I'm still less than halfway through Nifft the Lean and I started Saturday. 

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