Monday, June 18, 2012

Later on Day 18

Finally passed 20k.  I still have a hard row to hoe but I feel like I've hit a milestone.  If I can just keep my head in writing mode, I know I'll hit 50k by the 30th but I'm having motivational issues. 

The story's really starting to take off, though.  I'm about to write a foot chase through Forest Park I'm really excited about and I'm really glad I had the idea to make Whitlock's siblings cops.  It's adding a whole other angle to things and making it seem less like a Chandler ripoff.

Truth be told, my favorite part of the writing so far is trying to come up with Chandler-esque similes on the fly. Mine are a different flavor than his but it's still quite a bit of fun.

Once the foot chase happens, complications are going to start popping up all over the place.  Poor Whitlock and poor whomever has to be the sacrificial lamb to get him to take up a gun and start throwing lead.

In other news, I found a dime on the floor of my aisle today.  Also, I had the song Watermelon Man in my head all day and heard it in the car on the way home.  Is that some kind of omen?

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