Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 28

So, only three writing days left.  How is everyone doing?

I'm at nearly 44k, meaning I'll pass the finish line sometime tomorrow night if I keep writing at my current pace.  Beyond that, I estimate 20-30k left to write.  Today's writing will likely be the BBQ at Jerry's house and a sizeable argument with Natalie afterwords.  I thought I was going to write the BBQ last night but the visit with Gregory Brissette went long.

It occurs to me that this book is going to need a bit more tweaking when I'm finished than the last one.  Since the story has morphed to be more about families and secrets, I'll have to iron out some wrinkles in the earlier chapters.

Things are really going to start picking up in the coming days.  Monday, Jack's finally driving to Tulsa to talk to Marie Valentine and driving back the following day.  Devon Baxter is finally off painkillers enough to talk, Mantis is back in town, and Miriam Brissette is going to want to have another chat with Jack.  Jack's going to finally meet the mysterious Ariel, have a heart to heart with his mother, and some people are going to get the wrong idea about his investigation and come gunning for him.  Yeah, I think it has enough legs to get to 80k.

As for August's Camp, I don't have any definite ideas yet, only that I want to write something lighter and with more action.


  1. I've got about 47,600 words atm, so not doing too badly. I've basically been doing the bare minimum number of words.

  2. I just hit 47k. Things are looking good although it will probably take me another week to wrap things up at least.