Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 19

Here we are, almost at the 2/3rds mark and I am not quite halfway to 50k.  Am I worried?  Not really.  I'm more aggitated with myself for slacking so much during the first ten days of the month.  As long as I put out 2.5k a day, I'll still get to 50 by the end.  Now that it's going to be nearly 100 every day, I think I'll have less of a desire to hike on the weekends.

I'm slightly worried that I may have set loose two of my complications too early by having the creepy stalker get hit by a beer truck and Whitlock's loft ransacked but I have plenty more in store for old Jack.  He still has three acquaintances of Amber to talk to and get the files from her computer.  Having his battery go dead and missing his meeting with Mantis probably saved me a lot of trouble somewhere down the line.

As I do during most novel writing months at this time, I feel a fleeting urge to scrap what I'm working on and move on to something newer and fresher.  I'm glad I keep blog entries detailing my various writing neuroses and psychoses.  Still, Sargasso needs another 2000 words for a finished draft and Oubliette is wearing a low cut outfit, daring me to work on her, the minx.


  1. It can be tempting to move onto other things, sometimes, but once we've finished our current project we can move onto those other tempting things :)

  2. But I want to work on everything right now!

  3. Try not to get de-railed by minxes Dan lol keep up the good work. Sounds intriquing and love the title.