Friday, June 22, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 22: The Story So Far

Just before I went to lunch, I passed the 30k mark.  I'm slowly inching toward being caught up. Jack is heading over to his ex-girlfriend's house to watch a movie.  Not sure what's going to happen there.  I guess Jack and Natalie will have to fill me in.

Timing might be problematic for the next couple days of the story.  It's currently Thursday evening and I have some things I need to happen in a specific time frame.  Friday and Saturday are a blank slate so Jack will talk to Roberta Simms sometime in that time frame.  Sunday is the BBQ at Jerry's house, and Monday Jack drives down to Tulsa to track down Marie Valentine for more information.  I figure sometime Monday or Tuesday, Devon Baxter will come out of his coma and wind up dead after he tells the dealers he works for about Jack.  I introduced the mysterious yellow car and that will tie into whatever Marie tells him.

I handed off the first eleven chapters to a co-worker of mine who normally reads my WIPs.  She's digging it so far but keeps pointing things out I'll have to fix later.  That's what I get for setting things in an existing city.

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