Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday PM

Picnic in 60.  I'm excited and I hope Carrie remembers to bring the picnic basket.

I unloaded a duffel bag full of books that I had no intention of ever reading again a couple hours ago.  No idea how many it actually was.  30 maybe?  A drop in the bucket.  I stopped at that number because the duffel bag was full.  I'd say I have another two bags on the "read" pile and maybe another on the 'to-read" pile.  The "to-reads" are the ones that pile up too fast.  I have no idea why I've held on to some of the books I've read for so long.  There are a lot of them that I haven't contemplated opening since I read them the first time.

A week or two ago, I reached a stopping point in the Parker series by Richard Stark.  I'm at an impasse until University of Chicago Press reprints Butcher's Moon next spring or I find a used Butcher's Moon for an affordable price, hopefully in the single digits.  I'm at pace to finish the Matthew Scudder series by Lawrence Block in the next couple days.  It's satisfying to finish but I'll have to find another detective to follow until the next Scudder comes out next year.  I'll probably go with Robert Parker's Spenser.

Not much else going on.  I'm listening to music while Gerald vacuums the living room.  I love my little robot!

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