Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I made curry in the crock pot today.  It turned out great but I've got a touch of Bangalor Belly at the moment.  The curry lit a fire in my innards that I have yet to quench.  Here's what I wound up using after discovering I didn't have curry paste around 4:30 this morning.

  • package of chicken breasts
  • two cans of chickpeas
  • a can of Rotel with habanero
  • a can of chicken broth
  • a generous teaspoon of South Seas Curry Powder (a gift from Carrie months ago)
  • sliced water chestnuts
It was a little heavy on the chickpeas but damn tasty.

Gerald's vacuuming as I write this.  The little Roomba isn't as thorough as I'd like but he's a tremendous time saver.  I just have to run him every couple days to keep up with the dog hair.

Why do I always pick Johnny Cash to listen to when I'm embarking on a task I find distasteful?

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