Saturday, August 7, 2010

High Noon

Took the hound over to the parents' this morning for her weekly exercise. She's in the midst of a doggie dream on the spare bed as we speak.

Well, cross dragonfly and praying mantis off my list of things I need to get pictures of. I'm in the process of uploading pictures right now. I also got a picture of some kind of weird larva. No idea what the bastard is but it's pretty gross.

Carrie and I had a busy day. We went to the conservation area in Perryville and hiked around the lake... after we stopped at the Hoekele bakery and had some of the best donuts on the face of the earth. We lazed around in the afternoon and then hit the Anvil for dinner, followed by a leisurely stroll around Ste. Genevieve.

I'm torn between taking a nap or trying to finish my book. Or doing housework but that's a distant third.

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