Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morning Haze

I woke up this morning and swore I'd overslept. I staggered out of my bedroom and looked at the clock in my office. It said 3:12. I thought "That's too early to be up on a Friday morning." By the time I got back to my bed, I discovered two things:
  1. It wasn't a Friday morning
  2. Belle had somehow expanded to take up 7/8ths of my bed.

Still kicking around ideas for NaNoWriMo. Yesterday while I was walking Belle and while I was mowing, ideas began falling into place. I've been thinking about the Dark Tower a bit lately and I have the urge to dust off my Van Owen character that was inspired by it. I've also got a race of spider creatures called The Skinweavers that I want to do something with. Maybe that will be what I write in November.

So how about these kids and their e-Readers? In my day, we read things from scrolls and clay tablets and I didn't hear anyone complaining... I'm not to keen on the idea of reading from yet another electronic device but I do see one big attraction. I really hate when the blurb on the back cover blows plot twists before you even open the book. It doesn't seem like that would be a problem with most e-Readers.

Too bad it's not really Friday...


  1. I want an e-reader so I can take stacks of books with me on trips without taking loads of room in my suitcase and I LOVE that I can now checkout books from the library in electronic form. Still haven't decided what to get, but I may splurge on an i-pad.... HMNNN

    I try to completely avoid reading the covers to avoid spoilers.

  2. I'm waiting for the format wars to subside before I get an e-reader. No one wants to get stuck with one that uses a format no one supports anymore. Plus a lot of stuff that I get isn't available in electronic format.