Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The August Inferno Continues...

Yeah, it's really hot. The heat index was 115 today. I felt drops of sweat dripping into my ears while I was walking Belle earlier. On a side note, it figures I wouldn't have my camera with me when I see a huge hairy bumblebee flying around some Queen Ann's Lace.

Despite really not being in the mood, I lifted weights earlier. I added ten pounds on Monday. I wasn't sore on Tuesday but I have a feeling tomorrow isn't going to be a picnic.

Watched Master Chef last night. Now I'm in the mood to cook something involving a poached egg in 30 minutes or less. I'm thinking Eggs in Purgatory at the moment...

It's too damn hot to do anything tonight. I think I'll just finish the book I'm reading.

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