Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Let's talk about eBooks for a few moments.  I've got mixed feelings on the subject, both as a reader and as an aspiring writer.

  1. One advantage I can see to using an eReader rather than an analog book is the convenience of lugging around an entire library in a small piece of plastic.
  2. It wouldn't be so much work tracking down copies of obscure books if they were available for download.
  3. EBooks might spark some change in the publishing industry.  Since it's fairly easily to create an eBook, more people are doing it.  Publishers might see the way the wind is blowing and take chances on some writers they wouldn't have discovered otherwise

  1. You can't buy eBooks used.  One of my favorite parts of the reading experience is discovering a treasure in the unfathomable depths of a used bookstore.  I love the smell, the odd characters, and having a shit ton of store credit.
  2. The price.  You all know what I'm talking about.  When an eBook costs more than a mass market paperback, people are getting screwed.  You can be sure of that. 
  3. The future may be dark.  If eBooks get more popular, publishers might shift to a more eBook-leaning strategy.
  4. What are all these screens doing to our eyes?  As a computer jockey by day and a reader by night, I already notice a difference in my vision.  I don't see eReaders doing me any favors.

Other stuff:
I created Dangerous Dan's Book Blog sometime last year, mostly in an effort to score some free books.  I copied some of my Goodreads reviews and promptly forgot about it.  Yesterday, I was checking my Blogger dashboard and I accidentally clicked on the book blog instead of my regular one.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that I was steadily getting a hit or two a day.  Not only that, the Chronicles of an Age of Darkness linked to my review of The Walrus and the Warwolf!  It just goes to show you that nothing every really goes away on the Internet.  I guess I'll start updating it again.


    1. you have to remember, though, that eReaders use eInk. Which is amazing and it looks just like real paper. Which means it's not backlit and therefore doesn't have any different effect on your eyes than reading a real book does.
      Unless you're reading on like an iPad, then that's backlit.
      i have to say, after i played with my mom's kindle a bit, i TOTALLY want one! At the very least i could upload my own manuscript or the manuscript of friends and read it on the go

    2. I don't like e-books, unless they're printed out on paper ;)