Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bucket List Blogfest

Another Blogfest.  When did I become such a particpater?  Anyway, here's my bucket list.  Yes, I realize I have more than 5 items on it:
  1. Get one or more novels published by a non-POD publisher.  Note:  While I'm certain there are good self-published books out there, the tide of poorly edited ones has overwhelmed them.
  2. Get some photos published in a magazine.  I should really start submitting things to Missouri Conservationist. 
  3. See the ruins of Machu Pichu
  4. Visit scenic Easter Island
  5. Go Scuba Diving
  6. Participate in an archaeological dig
  7. Go to the Grand Canyon
  8. Visit Stonehenge
  9. Find a damn geode on one of my hikes!  Seriously, with all the miles I cover, I should be up to my ass in geodes by now.
  10. See the Great Wall of China
  11. I'd like to one day have no books in my house I haven't already read.  It's been at least a decade since the last time I had to actively go out and find something new to read.
  12. Finally take a picture of an armadillo
Looks like most of my Bucket items involve traveling.  I didn't see that coming.


  1. A picture of an armadillo? That's the funniest goal I've ever heard! It's not an easy feat, though; those things are fast! Thanks for the laugh, and good luck with your photo.

  2. Yeah, the armadillo is an ellusive beast. I'm thinking about taking a day off of work and going on an armadillo stakeout in an effort to get my photo. There are quite a few places near my parents' house where they regularly dig.

  3. I hate to ask, but...what's a geode? I know I could google it, but I'm not feeling lucky, I'm feeling lazy!! :P

    I have an entire bookshelf of books I haven't yet read. And 3 bookcases full of books I have, but still...there is a LOT of book here waiting to be enjoyed. by me anyway.

  4. A geode looks like an ordinary rock on the outside but has crystals inside. Kind of like an M&M but rock and crystal instead of chocolate.

    I'm down to 38-ish books that I haven't read but it's hard to get down to zero when I keep buying more. Having a ton of credit at the used bookstore doesn't help.

  5. take a pic of an armadillo? that's interesting! id like to take a pic of a unicorn some day, maybe, but let's not get into that...:D
    id love to see all the places you mentioned up there. i think it's so cool you're interested in photography. you should deff send them in and try your luck at getting them published :)


  6. #9 is a great visual.

    Also, sounds like some of your photography goals can mix with your travel goals? You'll be in Nat Geo in no time!

    Awesome list! Glad you participated :)

  7. Being up to my ass in geodes would probably be uncomfortable.

  8. I like this list. I want to see the Grand Canyon, too.

  9. Excellent list. My husband and I were hiking once and startled an armadillo - the poor thing stumbled on a hill in the woods trying to escape from us and rolled all the way to the bottom.

  10. My mom and dad have seen multiple armadillos but they have yet to photograph one. The last one hid beneath the root ball of a toppled tree after they spooked it.

  11. "Up to My Ass In Geodes" is also a good name for an album!

    Stonehenge is awesome, even if they don't let you up close to it. You reminded me that Machu Picchu is definitely on my places-to-visit list!

  12. I want to travel too! Love the armadillo and wish you all the luck in the world on your list. Make it happen!

    Marie at the Cheetah

  13. Great List! I lived in Arizona for 7 years and for some reason never went to the Grand Canyon. I am regretting it now!