Friday, March 25, 2011

Ice and Snow: Take it slow

The title of today's blog post was on one of those highway department roadwork signs this morning.  It has been resonating in my head ever since.

Remember the other day when I turned off my heater and was contemplating wearing shorts?  Well, the temperature dropped the past two days and this morning's commute was made even more enjoyable by a deluge of wintery mix.  Cars were off the road, people were driving like even bigger assholes than usual, it was great.

April 1st fast approaches, as does the beginning of the Dark Tower re-read.  I dreamed about the Dark Tower last night.  I was in a run-down office park with a lot of unsavory characters around.  Some tall guy came out of the shadows and handed me a set of clothes: dark brown pants, black boots, a tan shirt, a brown and white poncho, and a cowboy hat.  "It's that time again," he said.  Instead of handing me a set of guns, he handed me a book.  I didn't recognize it but I knew it was a Dark Tower book.

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