Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 9

I'm regretting not staying up late to write last night.  There, I said it.  I woke up about midnight and got a drink, all the while thinking "I should have been writing about the mayor strong-arming the cops into covering up the second double murder."  I won't be making that same mistake tonight.  Once I do the crime scene, I'll have to think of some way to inject some much needed humor into the story via the nuns.  Also, seeds need to be sown and red herrings need to be hatched(?).

I've decided that I'll be primarily editing in September, but I'll be writing Spider Girl in Heat in my spare time.  Not sure what October will bring but I'm planning on writing the third Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw book in November.  It's tentatively called The Lizard Riding Nuns of the Apocalyspe.  I'm swiping the ending of Evil Dead II and sending some of the survivors of Murder Lake Massacre into a dystopian future where the earth has been made a wasteland and the Sisters of the Most Precious Chainsaw are something of a police force/hit squad for whomever is in charge.

Darwin's Blade by Dan Simmons is pretty good so far.  There's a fair amount of humor in the dialog and I'm about a fourth of the way through and have no idea where the story is going, always a plus with me.  It's about an insurance investigator who's suddenly been targeted by the Russian mob.  The only think I'm not thrilled about is the very predictable hookup between Darwin and Sydney that I saw coming as soon as she appeared.  Thrillers always do this.  Just because there are a male and a female in close proximity doesn't necessarily mean they're definitely going to have sex!

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