Friday, August 5, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 5: Lots of Setup, Needs Another Murder

Another day of writing is nearing an end.  I'm at 11100-ish words and Murder Lake Massacre is going fairly well, although so far I think there is a little too much setup.  I'm planning another murder in the next couple chapters.

Tomorrow's writing is going to be Sister Mary Hatchet meeting the other nuns living in Burnfield's small convent, as well as Father Johnson and probably a few of the campers.  I got her to the convent today but it took a LOT longer than I wanted it to. 

I had her drive around Marder Lake and check it out first, where she met the nosey cops.  She also found the ruins of some burned buildings that have mostly fallen down since the mysterious evens of twenty years ago that I hadn't known about when I started writing.

I don't have much else to say except that I wanted to gush a bit.   Without further adieu... The Million Dollar Idea I had on the way home:

I had intended for Sister Mary Hatchet to stay in Burnfield with one other nun, Sister Patricia Marie, who's demeanor is similar to Sister Mary Severa, Hatchet's now deceased friend from the first book.  They'd hunt down Sister Mary Slaughterhouse, who's murderous rampage actually has a noble purpose...

Instead, there are three nuns living in the convent.  The aforementioned Patricia Marie, an older, mean nun named Mary Hildegard, and a rebellious young nun of fifteen named Mary Agnes, who's currently calling herself Sister Ariel Nightshade.  Instead of the old good nun/bad nun dynamic, this will give me a lot more to play with.  Also, Sister Mary Slaughterhouse might not really be the killer, one of the nuns isn't as she seems, and someone from the first book survived and is targeting Hatchet for revenge...

Yes, going to Catholic school for twelve years is finally paying off.


  1. I am squeeing joy that the name "Hildegard" is up there :P

    (Hey, people always mistakenly call me that, I might as well put a little ownership on it.)

  2. Hildegard sounds really formidable to me. Like a Viking warrior maiden or something.