Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 3: Lesson Learned

The evening's writing has concluded.  I'm at just shy of 7000 words.  Not bad for the end of the third day.

If there's one thing my experiences at Camp NaNoWriMo have taught me, it's that I enjoy writing a lot more when I don't outline the hell out of things before hand and leave myself plenty of wiggle room. 

I'd planned to follow that sentence up with some profound words of wisdom regarding creativity and trusting yourself to come up with good ideas on the fly but I'm just too tired at the moment.  I did figure out what's sleeping beneath the surface of Lake Marder and what went down twenty years ago that has the locals looking over their shoulders to this day.

Tomorrow's writing should be the introduction of Sister Mary Hatchet.  Friday's will likely be the introduction of some campers so I'll have some lives to put into jeopardy later.

That's it for me.  Let's see if I can go to bed at a reasonable hour for a change.

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