Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camp NaNoWriMo - Day 2

Nothing like not having time to do some stealthy writing at work to make you want to rush home and do some writing.  I'm hoping I can wrap up this project in the next few days so I could possibly get some writing done in my slow times at work.

I've determined that the sheriff's deputy that Sister Mary Hatchet gets stuck with is a pulp magazine collector and a tremendous geek.  That should give me an interesting character to interact with Hatchet while they search for Sister Mary Slaughterhouse and try to figure out while she's mowing down campers, seemingly at random.  I haven't quite figured out who has the Macronomicon yet and what they're trying to do with it.  I do think something's sleeping at the bottom of Marder Lake.  That's why the Marder family bought up all the land around it in the 1920's.

I've toyed with bringing back Webcap from Sweating Bullets to be the bad guy.  After all, Hatchet did cut his junk off and leave him for dead.  If he somehow lived, he's certainly not happy with her.

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