Monday, March 8, 2010

The Big Hike

So yesterday morning, right around 7:20, Belle freaked out, alerting me to Joe's arrival. After locking up, we sped down 55, jumped off at O, and took O to 32. From there, it was a short jaunt to CC, and Hickory Creek Canyon.

Even though it was 60 degrees, there was still an amazing amount of ice in the woods. Joe's dog Chloe was all over the place. We left the beaten path to look at a frozen waterfall, unaware of what we'd see later along the path. Ice was hanging everywhere. Once we completed the 1.5 mile loop, we crossed the road to another 1/4 mile spur, where we saw a frozen waterfall about thirty feet high.

Once the Hickory Creek Canyon expedition was complete, we got back in the truck and headed farther down 32 to AA and onward to Pickle Springs. Pickle Springs was also in the grips of an ice age. Once the two mile loop was completed, we headed into Ste. Gen and dined at The Anvil, where burgers and onion rings were consumed in short order and we headed for home.

One twenty minute power nap later and I was heading out to Carrie's.

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