Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Coffee

Here I am again, making my way through another Parker book and another pot of coffee.

Carrie and I ate take out from the fish fry last night. It was awesome. I'm going to be sad when Lent is over and the KC hall doesn't have fish fries every other week anymore.

After yesterday, I'm down to 80 unread books in the house, probably the lowest it's been in seven years. They all fit on one small bookcase... for now. I'm contemplating driving out to high ridge today to get some of the Matthew Scudder books I don't have yet. Block won me over with the first book and I've heard that Scudder is his best work. I remember seeing the third book out there when I was out there last week. I was thinking last night that the unread section might stand one more pass through in a few weeks. We'll see.

Belle's tired but I'm going to take her over in a couple hours for her exercise anyway. I like having her out of my hair when I do my weekend cleaning. I hope the rain holds off until the evening.

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