Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday already

I'm glad the weather held yesterday because today is really dreary.

Belle and I got a good hike in yesterday morning. We walked past the rocks along the creek where I used to play with my brother and our cousins when we were little. I'm amazed no one broke an ankle or anything. The rocks were so irregular and we'd run across them with no thought of safety. I found a sun-bleached squirrel skull at the edge of Grandpa's property. The front teeth were still intact.

Belle got into it with Molly, Grandma and Grandpa's border collie. I'm not surprised since Belle treats her like crap. Still, Molly gets in Belle's face all the time and I know it gets on Belle's nerves. Doesn't Molly remember what a bitch Belle is?

I'm going over to Carrie's later, once I do some cleaning. I have to do some vacuuming and other distasteful household tasks. The weather outside is making me sluggish, though.

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