Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sunshine at last!

I'm tired. I got up fairly early and took Belle over to the parents' for her exercise and exercise we did. We walked further afield than usual and took an old, over-grown farm road deep into the woods, eventually ending up along the same creek I've traversed the past two weeks. I had my mom and aunt in tow. Actually, after a about a mile I was the one in tow. They're in better shape than I am from walking about three times as much as I do every day. I nabbed a few good rocks and found a shed antler that my mom and aunt both passed. It was a five pointer but didn't look like it would have been a narrow rack had I had the missing antler.

I experienced a bit of catharsis at the used bookstore by unloading another 20 unread books. I think I could probably dump another 20. I'll start unloading the books I've already read next.

Joe and I are getting up really early tomorrow to hike so I think I'll be rising at my normal time. Seeing as how I plan on going to bed early anyway, this shouldn't be a problem.

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