Friday, March 19, 2010


My morning half pot of coffee is almost done so I figure I should get cleaned up and do my running around for the day.

I finished Sins of the Father by Lawrence Block this morning. Best Block yet! It's amazing to look back and see how the Hard Case Crime series has changed my reading habits in the past few years. Until I started reading them, I had yet to discover Lawrence Block, Donald Westlake, Max Allan Colllins, and a few other of my recent favorites.

I'm looking over my unread books and trying to decide which ones to keep. I don't want to do anything rash but I think if I haven't picked up a book in the four years I've owned it, I can probably kick it to the curb. Plus, it will free up shelf space for more books.

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that I skipped coffee entirely and drank four cups of tea instead. It worked out well and I think I'll keep it up. I hate the third floor galley. The people act like they're too good to make coffee half the time and grumble when you don't put twice as much grounds in the left machine. As if any cup beyond the first two will have any more caffeine than normal.

Carrie and I hit the Cracker Barrel at 4 yesterday. Man, do I love eating at old people time! We had already dined and walked around the Festus Park a couple times before 6. We saw a group of people and one of them was walking a white Basenji mix. I saw numerous resemblances to Belle, complete with having to be at the front of the group.

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