Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sheep. That's what's been bothering me lately. 90% of the Earth's population are unthinking sheep, afraid to think or act without someone telling the how to go about it. Our society is built on that, perfectly exemplified in religion and politics.

This point is driven home to me every time I attempt to read a news article on the internet. So what does an article about a solar powered car built in London have to do with Obama (or any US politician for that matter)? Everything according to the rubes posting. Just like every science article has to be accompanied by someone asserting that the Earth is only 6000 years old.

Bear in mind I don't hate religion or politics. I just don't care for people who were raised a certain way and refuse to think outside the box. Is it possible that someone who doesn't belong to the party you've been supporting your entire life unblinkingly might have more of you interest at heart? Or that a book written thousands of years ago might not be a LITERAL retelling of what went down? People just make me shake my head. If the bible is the only thing keeping you from killing your neighbor and banging his wife on the corpse, I pity you.

While I've got a good rant going here, I'm going to tackle something else. People keep talking about reducing our dependency on oil and developing alternative fuels to save the environment. That's true, we need that. What we really need is a chance in our disposable culture. People don't need new cellphones every year and they sure as hell don't need refrigerators that only last five. Products built to last would really clean this shit hole up for our kids.

This concludes one of my few serious blog entries. Tomorrow, we'll be talking about how I shall soon begin my yearly ritual of burning my days off one Friday at a time in order to use them by the end of the year.

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