Sunday, July 11, 2010

Have I mentioned the giant cinnamon roll?

So my dad's birthday is Tuesday. In lieu of making a cake, I shall attempt to make a cinnamon roll of epic size. Allow me to explain.

As I mentioned in 4/25's blog, my dad has been enamored with the giant cinnamon rolls from the Machine Shed since seeing them on Breakfast Paradise and took a road trip with my mom to Iowa to get some. Since he mentions the cinnamon rolls every couple weeks, I'll be attempting to make one to take over there sometime this week. I imagine I'll have to bake it a little longer to make sure its properly done and don't anticipate any major difficulties.

I hate when past Dan screws future Dan. I wanted to make breakfast this morning but past Dan left me a sink full of dirty dishes. He's always reading instead of doing house work and sticking me with the results.

Carrie had a snake in her house again this morning. I may have a serpent to slay when I go over this afternoon if it tries to get in again.

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