Friday, July 2, 2010

How long is too long?

So, a little while ago, mid March, to be more precise, I ordered a book from a secondary seller on Amazon, Deadly Honeymoon by Lawrence Block. It shipped the next day. I saw neither hide nor hair of it. Six week later, I emailed the people at Once Upon a Time Books. They assured me my shipment would arrive within a week or two. After three weeks, I emailed them and asked for a refund. I got no response and no refund. I wrote off the three bucks as a loss and forgot about it.

Today, amidst the credit card bills and my driver's license renewal notice, I found a book sized package. It was Deadly Honeymoon. And it only took ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN DAYS to get to me! I could have walked to Arizona and back several times by now. Maybe they strapped it to the back of a particularly slow snail or something.

My negligent neighbor's hoodlum son brought his overly aggressive pitbull to her house again and has it chained to a tree by a woefully inadequate chain, much like the one it snapped a few weeks ago. People that irresponsible shouldn't be allowed to have dogs. Or kids either, for that matter.

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