Sunday, July 18, 2010

The pre-coffee fog has lifted

After half a pot of coffee, I'm just about ready to rejoin the living.

I had some ideas yesterday for the next story I'll be writing. People at work are wanting me to write the sequel to Sailors but I'll probably work on something else before that. I'm picturing a fantasy voyage into space, only to find out fantasy space is much different than anyone guessed.

"The stars are balls of gas? Preposterous. What sense would that make? Everyone knows they're the tears of Zeus, mourning his lost loves! What kind of quackery is this?"

Wandering the Web of Worlds is the current title but it is subject to change, as always. The setting is fairly fleshed out in my head. Now I just need some characters to subject to it. I thought about using Jhalen and Tolek again but I'm leaning toward using the two criminals I left hanging crucified at the city gates in the unfinished Horde of Bone fragment from a couple years ago.

No definite plans for the day other than staying the heck out of the hellish heat. Carrie and I will probably do something later since she managed to put her paper to bed yesterday.

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