Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fredricktown Friday

Yesterday after work, I headed down to Farmington to meet Carrie and her parents. We went to Olympic Steakhouse in Fredricktown. It was delicious! I had a sirloin and some shrimp. Carrie got all you can eat catfish. I was secretly hoping she couldn't eat it all. At one point she said "Just so you know, you're not getting that piece of catfish." We'll have to go there again.

Had I known what our next destination would be, I would have brought my camera. Millstream Garden was beautiful. Apart from Barb stepping in a pile of human shit, that is. Who shits right next to the path? I brought a few rocks home.

On the way back from Farmington, I got on 32 behind a guy that was clearly drunk, speeding up and slowing down and swerving. A cop finally nabbed him in Weingarten but not before he hit a skunk right in front of me. My car stinks a little this morning.

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