Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes Mondays last until Thursday evening

It's hard for me to go to bed on Sunday nights.  Monday's right around the corner and I've no doubt upset my sleep schedule by then.  Last night was more of the same.  I finished Fourth Down to Death, a cheesy Brett Halliday paperback from the 70's.  As far as detective stories go, it showed me what I don't want to do in Bullets Don't Blink.

Anyway, it was tough silencing my brain after that.  I managed to fall asleep but Belle woke me up around midnight.  I thought she had to go to the bathroom but it turned out she really wanted to give her realm a surprise inspection.  Good thing there was enough moonlight to walk by.  So, I'm really tired today.

The midnight walk wasn't all bad, though.  I ironed out a few more details in Bullets Don't Blink.  The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of basing the ficitious Missouri town it takes place in on the semi-ficticious Missouri town I live in.  Change some names and distances and Bob's your uncle.  Actually, I do have an Uncle Bob.

It seems to me that I should come up with some clues for Garvin to uncover at each of the locations he initally visits.  I already have some things in mind but I'll likely throw some random things in so I have some additional ammo if I get stuck.  I've never tried writing a mystery before so this should be a learning experience.

In other news, from here until November 1st, I'll be reading nothing but detective novels for inspirational purpose.  I think I have enough to last me two weeks.

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  1. I hate Sundays in general, 'cause they're so close to Mondays. Fridays are the best (at least the arvo/evening), Saturday is second best.