Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shouldn't my excitement level be higher than this?

I find myself lacking enthusiasm about NaNoWriMo.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to it.  I'm just not as gung-ho about it as I've been in previous years.

The idea of setting aside The Big Red Ragnarok and doing a regular detective novel has crossed my mind quite a bit recently.  For one thing, I'm not in a fantasy type of mood and for another, I've been wanting to write one for a long time. 

I've still got a couple weeks to decide, I guess.


  1. Maybe because you've done a huge amount of writing already this year?? Maybe Camp NaNo ruined you!

  2. You may have a point there. I keep thinking I should write the crime novel since I can't seem to get excited about a lot of world building right now.

  3. Ditto what Trish said, you've been writing nonstop.