Monday, October 31, 2011

Last Day of Freedom

Ever have one of those weekends that feels like a blink of an eye?

A friend of mine recently had her life turned upside down and was looking to get the hell out of Indianapolis for a couple days so I put her up at my house.  Long story short, the weekend passed by very fast.  I did manage to take a ton of pictures at the zoo and Pickle Springs.  Notice the picture of the two Galapagos tortoises having awkward lurching sex on my previous post.  It was like watching two Volkswagens getting into a car wreck.

The Pickle Springs trip was partly a location scouting mission since that's where I'm planning for the body to be found in my NaNoWriMo novel.  Still not sure how high the cliff near the end of the trail is but I'm calling it 70 feet in the book.

I'm still a bit behind in my NaNoPrep but I have all day to do it since my workload is a bit light.  I mean, I would never do anything writing-related at work!

Looks like I'm doing the NaNoBeard.  I shaved off my sideburns last night so I'm looking pretty baby-faced at the moment.  Maybe I'll try to finish in record time just so I don't have to experience beard itch.

Tonight's going to be my last evening of freedom prior to NaNoWriMo.  I'm thinking I'll load up on supplies on the way home and try to read an entire Michael Shayne novel.  After I finish up my preparations, of course.


  1. Good luck with your preparations! And good luck with your NaNo! Happy Halloween!

  2. Thanks! I keep forgetting today is Halloween.

  3. Nanowrimo starts in 10 minutes here, and considering what the first scene I'm writing is....

    Tortoise sex was very appropriate.

  4. Always glad to help. Is there slow and awkward sex in your first scene?