Saturday, September 3, 2011

Post-It Nostalgia

There was a crisis last night.  I could not find the thumb drive with a lot of my writing stuff on it.  Fortunately, I have very nearly all of it backed up in various places, be it google documents, on my big honkin' external hard drive, or just on my computer.

However, I've taken it upon myself to clean out my computer desk and the surrounding area.  I'm currently working on the post-it drawer and it's bringing back a lot of memories.  Is it possible to feel nostalgia for stories you never actually wrote?

Some of the notes are very coherent and make me want to try to write the story they go with.  Others are either very cryptic or hilarious.  Here is a brief sampling of things I've found so far.
  1. A grocery list that has various ingredients for white chili.  One of them is white wine (cheap).  That cheap white wine ended up giving me quite a hangover.  I never made white chili again.
  2. A post-it that simply says "Either my balls are getting bigger or my underwear is shrinking."  No idea what story that was from.
  3. A flowchart of sorts for The Hangman's Book, a fantasy western.  It was important to know what was going on in Poisonwood while Van Owen was investigating the ancient machinery in the mine.
  4. Scores of notes from various time travel stories, most of which involve a character called Johnny Paradox in some way.
  5. A long list of accomplishments for legendary adventurer Hunter Hawks.  My favorite of his many deeds was "wrestling Ogopogo."
  6. A post-it bearing the quote "42 parallel dimensions should be enough for anyone."
  7. Numerous maps
  8. A description of the All Seeing Hat.  It's a tophat with eyes in the band that let someone see 360 degrees around them
  9. "Owls - smartest creatures on Earth."
  10. numerous maps
  11. "That's lamer than a Weird Al cover band."
That's just a small sampling.  Some of the stuff is even stranger.


  1. Is this the magic drawer? My favorite, by leaps and friggin bounds is,

    "42 parallel dimensions should be enough for anyone."

  2. It was the magic drawer. And I found my flash drive in it!

    That's one of my favorites too. If I remember correctly, the Guild of Distinguished Time Travelers was reprimanding Johnny Paradox over the havoc his previous adventures had caused across the space time continuum.

    Time travel stories seem to require more planning than I like to do. I think that's why I've only made two attempts and they were fairly half-hearted.

  3. Oh, and I put 90% of the post-its back into the magic drawer when I was finished.