Monday, September 5, 2011

The True Meaning of Labor Day

Labor Day commemorates the date the Virgin Mary went into labor prior to Jesus' birth.  It was a long labor considering he was only born on December 25th.

In other news, James Steele emailed me and told me I was the co-winner of his Felix's Epic Quest contest.  My story is here but I don't think it'll make a lot of sense without having read James Steele's Felix and the Sacred Thor first.  No word on how much the prize money is but you'll all be invited to the cocaine and hooker party I throw with the considerable sum.

Flashback to yesterday:
Yesterday was a pretty full day.  I rose before the crack of dawn, did some reading, took a couple tree frog pictures, and then was off to go hiking.  I'd never been to the Magnolia Hollow conservation area before.  The climb back up to where we left the truck kicked my ass.  I'd like to find out when the train goes through so I can take a picture of it coming around the bend.

After that, I took a nap and waffled back and forth between driving to St. Louis and seeing Big Sandy and Deke Dickerson or not.  The 10 o'clock start time was what put me off it.  I had visions of getting home at 4 and wasting today sleeping.  So, I regrettably passed and ate BBQ at my parents' instead. 

I am delighted to say the BBQ was among the best I've had all year.  A ton of my relatives wound up showing up and quite a bit of beer was consumed.  It wound up being a really good time.


  1. Hookers and blow FTW! Seriously, congrats on both the win and the good times. Those things can't come often enough.

  2. Thanks! I think we could all use more good times. I should type up the "What kind of bird is that conversation" I had with my grandpa and one of my uncles. It was like a Monty Python bit.