Monday, September 12, 2011

But I love not having a car payment!

Last Tuesday, my car hit the 200,000 mile mark.  This morning, the check engine light came on.  Now, I know it might not be anything big but I have a feeling a new car is on the horizon.  But I love not having a car payment, damn it!  That $250-350 a month can buy a lot of booze and books!  More updates after I take my car in for an examination after work.

I always feel like I'm in the waiting room at a doctor's office when I get my car worked on.


  1. dude that sucks. I hope your car is ok and the check engine light is for something stupid. Good luck!

  2. nothing drains savings like car work, and you never know when you're being had. Damn I hate cars. I'll pray to Mobillus, the god of the automobile, for a simple and cheap fix on your car, even though we know it never works like that -(