Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday afternoon already?

Where the hell does the time go?  It seems like I was just skulking around the neighbor's yard looking for lost car keys.

The day started off on the wrong foot when I woke up at 7 instead of 6.   I'd fully intended on reading more of The Wind-Up Bird Chonicle while leisurely drinking my coffee this morning.  It was not to be.  Belle and I went on a quick walk as I drank my first cup of coffee.  I threw back another and then we headed over to my parents' for Belle's weekly jaunt.

Once we ate breakfast, Belle and I were left to our own devices as my parents had a fun filled day of cleaning ahead in anticipation of their big fish fry next weekend, a family tradition that has been going on for probably twenty years.

My hopes were squashed shortly after breakfast when I noted that all five of the garden spiders I'd been photographing were gone.  Still, I persevered. Belle and I must have walked about four miles, mostly through woods.  I wasn't dressed for the occasion but the times during deer season when no one is in the woods in the land around my parents' house are few and far between.  Long story short, Belle and I were covered with beggar lice and cockle burrs when we got back to the house and I had the additional blessing of seed ticks.

While I was walking and trying not to crash through every spider web in the woods, I thought of NaNoWriMo and what I'm going to write about.  I'm still undecided and will likely remain so for a couple weeks.  I did think of reviving what I was calling Dawn of the Mutants at the time, the time travelers from a post-apocalyptic wasteland going back to the present to prevent a plague of zombies (or mutants or whatever I wind up calling them).  It could be fun.  I've never tried to write anything like it before.

That's about all the material I have at the moment.  I think I'll have a nap before I go out for groceries.


  1. Lice and ticks *hork* Nah, brah.

    You've gotta get this stuff called Odomos. For real. I just might have DDT and nuclear waste, but if you find it, it works.

    So how long did it take you to pick them all off?

  2. It took forever to get them all off. Next time, I'll be covering myself with Agent Orange or something.