Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hmmm.... This isn't the usual way I avoid housework...

For the past three years or so, I've cut way back on my TV watching in favor of chipping away at my stack of unread books.  I was up close to 200 at one point and I'd probably be done long ago if I'd quit buying books.  I'm currently at around 30 but the BoucherCon haul didn't help.

Anyway, during my years of minimal TV, people kept telling me how great Deadwood was.  I've been aware of Deadwood since it premiered but never really got into it.  It's hard enough getting up at 4:30 on Mondays without having stayed up late watching TV the night before.

I check my Amazon gold box daily, especially since I figured out that you can manipulate using your wish list (more on that later*).  Two weeks ago, the complete series of Deadwood was the gold box deal of the day, $60 for the whole shebang, marked down from $160.  I snapped it up and forgot about it until it arrived on Friday.

Sunday, I was wiped out after being at BoucherCon all day Friday and the family reunion/fish fry all day on Saturday.  I proceeded to lay on my couch and watch five episodes of Deadwood in a row.  I only planned on watching one or two but it had me ensnared.  Sorry, Eoin Colfer, you'll have to wait.

Last night, I had good intentions of blazing through Plugged in one evening.  I started watching Deadwood while I was making dinner and wound up watching three more episodes last night.  I'm already thinking about how many I can squeeze in tonight since dinner is cooking in the crockpot as week speak.  I'm betting on three or four.  Yes, I may have a problem.

* How to Manipulate the Gold Box on Amazon:
This is far from fool proof but it's actually not that difficult.  I discovered it when I was buying up the Shadow reprints Nostalgia Ventures was putting out a few years ago.
  1. Find a book you like by an author that has at least ten books
  2. Add all the books by the author except the ones you actually want to your wish list.
  3. Wait a day or two and one or more of the items you want will show up in the gold box.

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  1. Yeah, pretty easy to get hooked on Deadwood. Wait until you're finished watching season three and you'll want to be kicking HBO's butt all over the landscape for cancelling Deadwood in favor of "John From Cincinnati."