Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Snakes vs. Sharks: The Battle Wages On...

I mentioned a while back that I changed my Goodreads security question to ask which is scarier, snakes or sharks.  Since then, I have received 25 friend requests.  Not one of them has simply answered one or the other.  Some of the results have been humorous or attempts at humor, but I'd say at least 18 of them have included some kind of rationalization for the choice.

Some people choose snakes over sharks because the odds of running into snakes are much higher.  Others give the nod to sharks since while a snake can be poisonous, a shark can bite you in half before you know what's happening.

I wish I'd been keeping tally of the responses so far so I could give exact statistics.  Right now, snakes are definitely leading.

In other news, not a lot has happened since the Christmas burglary.  I read a lot, took pictures, as you may have noticed, and watched my new 40 inch TV a bit.  I felt a little guilty that my dad splurged and got my brother and I new TVs, especially when my brother and his wife have a baby coming in February.  I've since gotten over it and embraced the new television.  I should probably find something to watch on it besides badly filmed British comedy from the 80's, though.

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