Sunday, December 4, 2011

December goals

Trisha over at W O R D + S T U F F asked the question "What are your goals for December?"  I think I should attempt to answer it since I've been feeling pretty directionless since about twenty minutes after finishing my NaNoWriMo draft of Bullets Don't Blink.

  1. Write at least 2k per week of something besides blog posts.  It doesn't sound that hard.  Hell, I did it last week without a lot of effort.  I'm afraid of falling out of the writing habit completely and this will make sure I don't.
  2. Read at least four more books.  Since today is rainy, I don't think this will be a problem.
  3. Commit to an idea for the next big project.
  4. Surreptitiously print out a paper copy of Bullets Don't Blink at work
  5. Figure out what my read will be between Christmas and New Year's.  The past two years, I've done the two halves of Roger Zelazny's Amber saga.  Not sure what I'll read this year
There.  I feel slightly less directionless now.

In non-writing news, my brother decided to grow a beard as well.  He swears I never mentioned growing one but I'm quite certain I complained about the itchiness quite a few times in the first three weeks.  This leads me to believe he wasn't actually listening.


  1. Did you confront him with this accusation of not listening? ;) If so, what was his response?

    Good goals! I'm tossing up whether or not to say "F it, I HAVE no goals for December." I'm sure it's just a bad mood that shall quickly pass. hehe

  2. He's younger but has more gray in his beard so I let it slide this time.

    Beyond the reading one, I don't know how many of my goals I'll actually accomplish.