Tuesday, December 13, 2011


As you may have noticed, most of my blog posts recently have been pictures.  That's because I feel like my writing gears are a bit exhausted and that chapter of something I wrote a week and a half ago were like the last swallows from the bottom of the beer bottle.  I still haven't started editing, even though this year's NaNo-prize is even better than years previous.

I'm still getting ideas, though.  The one in the forefront at the moment is about a family that has been in charge of guarding a portal to another universe for centuries while using its resources to live high on the hog.  Things go askew when the youngest daughter gets engaged to a man who has his eyes on wresting the portal from their grasp.  It's a bit too much like Roger Zelazny's Amber at the moment so I'll have to think on it a bit more.

Not a lot else going on.  If I don't get moving on my Christmas shopping, the only one getting a gift is my brother.


  1. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, and I'm sort of a day ahead of you in time! hehe

    Give yourself a break, I would! You've done a lot of writing this year, so you have earned a bit of down time I would say!

  2. Thanks! The way I'd like to do it would be to tell it from the daughter's point of view and have the fiance be framing the eldest brother in the family for trying to murder the patriarch.