Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dan on Driving

My commute is an hour each way so I get ample time to think about various subject at great length.  Hey, it beats paying attention to the road. One of the subjects that inevitably occupies my time is driving itself.  There are several sticking points with me.

  1. Speed Limits:  The way our speed limits work is a joke.  To me, a speed limit sign means "Hey, don't go faster than this or you'll get a ticket but we probably won't catch you so don't worry about it too much."  Instead of a speed limit, there should be a posted speed range.  If you go above or below the range, you get a fine.  Instead of having to get caught by a cop, cars should be equipped with some kind of monitoring device.  A speed bill is sent out at the end of the month and becomes just another bill to pay.
  2. Skill:  I estimate that maybe 10% of the people who have driver's licenses actually know how to drive.  That might be a high estimate, actually.  A lot of people can't seem to maintain a consistent speed or even keep the car between the lines.  I wish cellphones and drinking were to blame but, sadly, I don't think they are.  I think some people just can't drive.
  3. Rubbernecking: There needs to be a much higher barrier in the median to prevent people from gawking at accidents.  If I was in an accident and saw people gawking, I'd fling blood on them.  The gawkers impede traffic even more than the accident and sometimes cause even more accidents.
  4. The Weather: Ever notice how many people forget how to drive any time there's even a trace of precipitation?  I can't decide if they are worse drivers than the people who think it's perfectly fine to drive 80 mph on snow and ice on bald tires.
This concludes today's rant. 

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