Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reggae Ear Worm

So last night, I was trying to read but for some reason the opening trombone piece of a song kept popping into my head.  All I could remember were six or seven notes from the trombone and the phrase "You don't like that reggae beat."  For some reason, I couldn't get the song out of my head and began digging through my cds trying to figure out what the song was.

I remembered hearing two different versions of the song and I had the idea that the singer might have been Laurel Aitken so I scoured all of my Laurel Aitken cds and all of my Skatelites cds, all to no avail.  I googled the phrase "You don't like that reggae beat" and eventually found a Laurel Aitken recording from 2001-ish entitled Must Be Crazy (Reggae Beat.)  Overjoyed, I returned to my cd collection... and could not find the damn thing!  I thought about calling Greg and humming the beginning and/or asking him if he had any of my Laurel Aitken cds in his possession.  Eventually, pissed off, I gave up the search and went to bed.

Early this morning, while the coffee brewed, I stared at my piles of cds with contempt and watched the video I'd found the previous evening for the third or fourth time.  While Laurel Aitken was the main attraction of the show where the recording was made, Rico Rodriguez was the guest trombone player.  Watching the recording closely, I saw that Rico was actually doing the vocals.  I rushed back into the living room and rifled through my cds for the millionth time.  Sure enough, I had two Rico Rodriguez cds.  I looked at the track listings for both... and noticed no mention of a Reggae Beat.  However, I compared the track listings, remembering that I had two versions of the song.  Sure enough, the song Jungle Beat was on both.  I knew I had the right track in seconds.  Took me long enough but it was worth it.  I've listened to it about ten times today.  Hopefully it will be out of my system by tomorrow.


  1. I hate it when something like that is bugging you!! But I love it when you finally solve the riddle. hehe

  2. It's much worse when it's an instrumental. Then you're reduced to calling your friends and humming.