Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Favorite Record of All Time

I own probably three hundred cds and a lot of them have gotten considerable play time over the years.  When I think of my favorites, this one is always at or near the top.

That's right.  It's The Question by The Slackers.

There are many reasons why I love this record so much.
  1. The Question was released at a happy time in my life.  Every time I listen to it, I can't help but remember cramming into Steve's car and driving who knows where to see a band, often times The Slackers or another ska band, perform, and then eating at some greasy spoon afterwards.
  2. The cover is pretty damn sweet.  A man getting caught in bed with another woman by his gun-toting wife or girlfriend.
  3. It's a long record.  It seems like albums rarely have more than 12 songs and this one has 19.
  4. If you like ska, there's not a song on it you'll want to skip.  For me, this is the gold standard of Slackers records, a giant among giants.  Just look at the track list for God's sake!  I've made myself hoarse belting these tunes out at Slackers shows since 1997.
    1. Manuel
    2. Knowing
    3. Have The Time
    4. And I Wonder?
    5. No More Crying
    6. Feed My Girl
    7. Mountainside
    8. The Mummy
    9. Motor City
    10. Power
    11. Keep Him Away
    12. The Question
    13. The Question (Version)
    14. Face In the Crowd
    15. Do You Know
    16. Yes It's True
    17. Alone Again
    18. Make Me Smile
    19. No Love
  5. It features my favorite lineup of my favorite band.  Q-Maxx and Zulu were still in the band.
There you go.  If you want to know what makes Dangerous Dan tick, you could go a long way toward finding out by buying this record and listening to it repeatedly.

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    1. Nice! I like an album that has lots of songs or a bonus disc, feels like very good value!