Friday, April 1, 2011

The Gunslinger - Why Stephen King is better than you think

I'm nineteen pages away from finishing up The Gunslinger for the sixth or seventh time, savoring every word in what may be my favorite book of all time.  \

Anyway, as I follow Roland's quest to catch up with the man in black, I'm noticing Stephen King's writing a lot more than I did on my previous readings, probably because I've written close to half a million words since the last time I set foot on the road to the Tower.

King's use of imagery is at the same time both evocative and effortless.  Never did I have the thought "Speed this shit up!  Enough with the metaphors!"  The pacing is impecable.  The thing I want to mention most of all is the emotion that King crams into every sentence.  The suspense keeps growing and even though this is far from my first time to the dance, I caught myself hoping against hope that Roland would find a way to both save Jake and catch up with the man in black. 

I think I'm going to enjoy this re-read of The Dark Tower immensely.


  1. I loved this series, though I was one of those who ignored King's final warning and read on. :P I think it's a genius series and I agree with your assessment of King's writing.

  2. I don't know how anyone could stop before Roland entered the Tower.