Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday is for the dogs

Last night, we went to Carrie's aunt's house to see her cousin from Baltimore and I got home at the wee hour of 10. 4:30 comes early when you can't get to sleep because of all the dessert you consumed so I was a little out of sorts this morning when I was leaving for work. I was backing out of the driveway when I saw Belle sitting in the doorway.

I thought "My dog is so loyal that she watches me leave in the morning." As I backed down the driveway, I started thinking. "Did I take her out this morning? I think I did. Did I?" I tried to summon the memory of taking her out but it wouldn't come. I shut off the car, went back inside, and leashed my dog. She seemed very excited, almost frantic. Like she really needed to go to the bathroom, one might say.

As we walked across the road, flashes of insight started hitting like lightning. I had taken her out earlier! The reason she was excited was that she thought she was going with me! Damn it! After a quick walk around the yard, I put her back inside and resumed the voyage to work.

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