Thursday, April 21, 2011

Charity (plus the New Bizarro Author Series)

It is wrong to unload crap you no longer want on a charity for a fundraiser?  Let me rephrase that: Is it wrong if I unload crap I no longer want on a charity for a fundraiser?  There's a drive for a charity book/cd/dvd sale at work and it seems like a golden opportunity to do a little spring cleaning.  Maybe I can finally get rid of that copy of Hannibal I've been trying to get John at Books Galore to give me store credit for for the past eleven years.

My goal of interviewing all seven authors in the 2010-2011 New Bizarro Author Series has passed the halfway mark with Eric Hendrixson.  I've got questions out to Nicole Cushing, a request for interview out to Caris O'Malley, and a goodreads friends request out to the elusive Kirsten Alene.  Once I've finished interviewing the seven NBAS authors, I might have to move on to others on my Goodreads friend list.

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