Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Morning

Today has been gorgeous and there's still around five hours of daylight left.  I hauled Belle over to my parents' house this morning, getting some good buzzard pictures on the drive over.  After a quick breakfast, Belle and I took to the woods.  I followed the creek for about half a mile, then went up one of the dry creek beds that feed into it when it rains.  I took a couple pictures of fossils too large to carry back and uncovered a salamander, one of the elusive animals I've been wanting to photograph for a while but haven't run across.

Belle and I eventually emerged from the woods after reaching the top of hill that spawned the dry creek bed and followed a farm road back to the vicinity of my parents'.  After a few minutes of reading The Drawing of the Three, Belle subtly signaled that she wanted to go back outside by scratching the shit out of my leg.  I was able to get a few more good pictures, including a spider, frogs, and the second salamander of the day, this one of a completely different species.  Photos are forthcoming.

I'm contemplating taking a quick cat nap before I head to Farmington to meet Carrie.  I'm hoping there is BBQ in my future...

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