Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is post 898 so I'm rapidly getting close to as many entries as my old MySpace blog had on it before I torched it.  Brittany and I are going to the Lincoln Museum over the weekend so the chronicle of that will likely be the 900th post.

In other Milestoney news, I just hit 600 posts on my book blog, a pretty cool interview with self-published author S.A. Hunt.  He's a cool guy so feel free to give him the contents of your wallets.

In still more Milestoney news, Shelf Inflicted will hit 100 posts in the next couple days.  Not bad for a month!  Still waiting on the merchandising bonanza to take off on that one.

These Milestones are partially my way of distracting people from noticing I have written nothing more in Camp NaNoWriMo.  My shame weighs heavily on me.  However, I did get some agenty feedback on Bullets Don't Blink.  Long story short, there are some logic problems in the story that need to be addressed but the writing is good and the dialogue is excellent.  She invited me to submit other things so I'm counting it as a partial win.

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