Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Letter from Camp NaNoWriMo

Dear Mom and Dad,
Camp NaNoWriMo is great so far.  I'm glad I came back this year.  I'm halfway through my first pass of editing Between Hell and a Hard Place and I've already decided on a few changes.  The Mantis character was my least favorite part of the initial draft so I'm splitting him into two characters, one for the hacking and gunrunning and one to be Jack's Bad Ass Friend.  I think this will make things run more smoothly.  I'm going to mention Gregory Brissette being an Alderman with state senate aspirations since now he's just a generic businessman of some type.  Also, although I haven't gotten there yet, I'm going to rewrite big chunks of the ending.

In other news, the Councillors are so friendly this year.  Councillor Joey is always making sure my pants look right.  Yesterday afternoon, he had me rub sun tan lotion on his back and chest and asked me if I needed any rubbed on me, which was weird since it was really cloudy outside.  Tomorrow, he's going to show me his secret place and said I could take all the pictures I want.  Sure sounds like fun!

I'd better get back to my writing.  This book isn't going to edit itself!

your son,
Dangerous Dan

PS - Please send a package of nutter butters.  And a jar of honey for Councillor Joey.

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