Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Post Where I Actually Use Words for a Change

It's been a pretty photo-heavy couple of weeks.  Here's what I've been up to.
  1. I am now a contributor at Ska Blah Blah.  I'm actually a little behind where I'd like to be but reviewing music is proving harder than reviewing books.  Probably because I'm not a musician.
  2. Starting yesterday, I've begun reading werewolf books for research purposes.  I have an idea for a werewolf story but I figured I should read a couple more as I develop it.  I'm reading Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon and have The Wild by Whitley Strieber and a re-read of Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King on deck.  I'll probably space them out a bit since three werewolf books in a row would get a little samey.
  3. Still haven't started editing Bullets Don't Blink despite a friend of mine having connections in the biz.  I guess I'm not ready to go into seclusion to do it just yet.  That or laziness.  I'm still feeling a little creatively drained, to tell you the truth.
  4. For the first time in months, I have another blog interview in the works.  I'll post a link to that once it happens.
  5. I'm thinking about taking a week off in June, August, and November for writing purposes, corresponding with the two Camp NaNoWriMos and the big daddy, NaNoWriMo itself. 


  1. I know what you mean about going into hiding to edit. It sucks. But hopefully, when the time is right, you can get around to it. What you write sounds very interesting with killer nuns and such. And it's a good idea to take a week off for writing purposes. :)

  2. I forgot about the one with the killer nuns. The crime book I wrote in November is the one I have the best feeling about. I'm going to start on that one first. The one with the nuns is probably going to turn into something else since the nuns wound up being the only characters I was interested in by the end.

  3. I like your idea about having those weeks off. Sadly I will have used all my leave up for my travels in March/April so won't have much extra leave to splash around. Damn it!

    I feel tired already and there year's only just begun!

  4. It sounds like a good idea now. I'll probably have to go somewhere without internet access to actually get substantial writing done, though.